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Popcorn sales is one of the most common ways for scouts to raise funds. Girl Scouts have their cookies, we have our popcorn. A well-executed popcorn campaign can raise a decent amount of money for the Pack which starts us off on the right foot. There are some packs that do such a good job at selling popcorn that they don’t have to do any other fund raising.

District Kickoff Meeting: 08/04/2015

Pack 150 Kickoff Meeting: 9/11/2015

Why Sell?

· Scouts experience the satisfaction of earning their own way for scouting activities in the coming year
· No up-front cost· Scouts learn invaluable sales skills 
· Up to 39% of the proceeds support your unit and the other 31% helps the council support the sale and provide services that come right back to your unit’s Scouts! 
· Scout advancement opportunities 
· If everyone pitches in, it is the only fundraiser most units will need to do all year! 
· Outstanding prize system 
· Scouts can earn college scholarships 
· It’s FUN and builds long lasting friendships

Popcorn Dates

08/01/2015 - Start of Online Popcorn Sales 

09/01/2015 - Official Start of Take Order sales

09/11/2015 - Pack Popcorn Kickoff

09/12/2015 - Show and Sell #1 - Ace Hardware

09/19/2015 - Neighborhood Blitz #1

09/26/2015 - Show and Sell #2 - Ace Hardware

10/03/2015 - Neighborhood Blitz #2

10/07/2015 - Take Order requests due to Popcorn Kernel

10/17/2015 - Show and Sell #3 - Ace Hardware

10/24/2015 - Neighborhood Blitz #2

11/04/2014 - Final Take Order requests due

The Show and Sell's are not mandatory for all scouts. We are just trying to provide a chance for all scouts to earn enough is sales to qualify for the great prizes. 

Ways to Sell

Beginning August 1st thru October 31st

Most Scouts have friends and family that do not live locally. Online sales are a great way for those important people in a Scout’s life to support him. 
• Go to to login or create an account 
• Send emails from the website to friends and family 
• Track your online salesBeginning August 1st thru October 31stOnline sales along with show and sell and take orders count towards Scout Rewards. 


• Scouts sell product at a location or event, like in front of a shopping center or after church.
• Get permission to sell on other people’s property. Coordinate with other units in your neighborhood to be sure you’re not at the same place at the same time. Share. 
 • No Chocolate can be returned, and 30% max return on everything else no later than October 20th 5:30 – 8:00 PM.This is fun for boys to do together!


• Scouts go door to door and take orders using preprinted popcorn order forms
• Orders are submitted online at by October 22nd at midnight. Be sure each Scout keeps a copy of his order list so he can deliver the popcorn when he gets it. 
• Product is picked up by the unit 
• Scouts deliver product to customers

TIP: Use your order forms from last year to ask repeat customers! 


Show & Deliver is a form of Show & Sell, but requires the help of a vehicle and driver or wagon or cart. It works particularly well in places where you don’t have the opportunity, or prefer not, to return to deliver the product ordered. Many Scouts and parents who have tried this newer method like it better than Show & Sell! Give it a try! 

• Fill the parent or other adult’s vehicle with a variety of Show & Sell products. 
• Go door to door and ask if they’d like to buy some popcorn and support Scouting. 
• If they want a product you have, they can buy it right then and there. 


This works well for savvy Scouts!There are many ways to sell popcorn to businesses. Some businesses will allow you to sell to their employees; some will let you post an order form in a lobby or break room. The Scouts who have had the biggest successes with corporate sales are when popcorn is purchased as employee gifts. 

Here are a few ideas but there are more. 
• Have Scout attend a staff meeting where they can tell all the employees about popcorn. 
• Set up a booth sale at the business at the lunch hour or when employees are leaving work. 
• Ask the manager or the owner if he would like to purchase popcorn as a holiday gift for his employees. 
• Don’t forget to have parents approach their work to allow their Scout to sell in one or more of the methods described. 

This is a great opportunity for older Scouts to practice their presentation skills and show the business community the maturity and motivation possessed by older Scouts will bring to the not-so-future work force