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Cub Scout Pack 150
(Sterling Heights, Michigan)
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This site is intended to provide general information about cub scouts and Pack 150. To view the Event Calendar and Advancement Tracking you will have to log into your ScoutBook account.

Annual dues are $88 for each scout and are generally due at the beginning of each school year. The dues are used for registering our pack and to create and fund a year-round scouting experience for your son. An addition $12 is required if you would like your son to receive Boys Life magazine.

The dues are generally used for the following. 

Den Activity Funds

Each Den Leader receives a fixed amount per boy for use towards activities (crayons, glue, paper, kits, etc.) they do at den meetings. All of our Leaders are VOLUNTEERS, so it is unfair to expect them to fund these expenses, donate their time, and pay dues for their boys (which they are required to do). This allocation (approximately $40 per boy) is given at the beginning of the school year and is expected to last the entire Scouting year.

Pack Administration

Listed below are a few but not all expenses incurred by Pack 150 specific to running the pack.

  • Annual Registration and Pack Re-Charter
  • Insurance: For Leaders and the Boy
  • Boy’s Life Magazine Subscription
  • Underwriting each Pack meeting (refreshments and activity costs)

Specific Pack events

Costs for special pack events are also paid, either partly or in full, out of the dues

  • Blue and Gold Dinner – although parents are asked to purchase tickets to offset the cost, typically some portion of this event is funded by the Pack.
  • Summer Picnic – free to all Pack families, and a great way to celebrate the year’s accomplishments!
  • Pinewood Derby – Scouts are provided car kits and trophies. Refreshments are sold at a nominal fee to help offset the costs to the Pack, maintenance for computer systems, and tracks used to keep the event running smoothly each year.
  • Family Campout - Pack 150 covers the costs of registration, food,and activities for all scout families.

Pack 150 thanks you for your continual involvement in our Scouting program. We hope to continue to provide your son with great adventures and wholesome fun.

As your son progresses through the ranks of scouting, your role and influence on him achieving his goals should decrease accordingly. For example, your presence is expected at all Den Meetings and most outings if your son is a 1st grade Tiger Cub (you are an Adult Partner). However, your role decreases when he moves to a 2nd Grade Wolf Cub as you are not required (but always welcome) to attend the Den Meetings. As your son advances to a 3rd Grade Bear Cub and through the Webelos rank, your immediate role and influence decreases futher as each year your Scout will become more responsible for his own advancement. Hopefully, this recovered time will allow you to find a role in our committee so that you can assist all the kids in the Pack.

We ask that you identify your strengths and find ways to apply them towards the program by submitting a Parent Talent Survey
. Your role is certainly up to you but we all hope you find a good place in our Pack to apply those skills and enhance the program to new heights. Feel free to speak with any of the current leaders about where you can help. We also ask that you complete and sign the official Boy Scout Health Form each year.

As always, your pack and den leaders cannot get all of this done without the active participation of parents. Not all of our volunteer positions involve leadership, or even a continual commitment. Just coordinating a single event can be a big help. Please visit the Get Involved page and let us know if you find something that you feel fits your skills and comfort level.

Immediate Volunteer Needs

  • Assistant Committee Chair (4-6 hours per month)
  • Committee Member (1-2 hours per month)
  • Fundraiser/Popcorn Kernel (1 month for popcorn drive, 1-3 hours other months)
Den Meetings

In Cub Scouting, boys are grouped by age into individual Dens. A Den consists of of 5-10 boys, adult leaders and helpers. The Dens meet two to three times a month to work on fun projects, earning badges and awards along the way. Dens will meet on a schedule and location set up by Den Leaders.

Pack Meetings

Each month, all of the Dens get together for a Pack Night. These meetings include special ceremonies to present Scouts with the badges they've earned and include fun activities. Parents and siblings are always welcome at Pack Nights to help celebrate their Scouts' achievements. Pack Meetings continue to be at Bruce Collins auditorium on the third Friday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Boys should arrive at pack meetings in complete uniform with their shirts tucked in and looking neat.

A Class A uniform is required at all Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, Council Activities and Special Events. Unless you are advised otherwise. Class A uniforms can be purchased at

Troy Scout Shop
1155 E Long Lake Rd
Troy, MI 48085

Pack 150 requires the official shirt, complete with current logos and patches. We do NOT require Scout pants, shorts or socks. Navy pants or shorts (not khaki or beige) are required to complete the Class A uniform. No gym shorts or pants! Shirts must be tucked in neatly at all times. The Scout belt is required for wearing the official Belt Loop awards and/or belt totems. A hat is optional, if purchased, please remember that it should be removed when the Scout is indoors. The Pack presents neckerchiefs for the next rank at the Crossover Ceremony each spring. A rank neckerchief slide needs to be purchased. See below for description of Class A uniform for each rank:

Cub Scout (Tiger, Wolf, Bear) Class A Uniform

  • Shirt Official Cub Scout long or short sleeve dark blue shirt.
  • Neckerchief
    • Official Tiger (Orange/Navy)
    • Official Wolf (Gold/Navy)
    • Official Bear (Light Blue/Navy)
  • Neckerchief Slides Official metal or handmade neckerchief slide.
  • Insignia New scouts will need to purchase the following patches to complete their Class A uniform. The proper placement of the patches can be found here.
    • Great Lakes Council Patch
    • Scouting World Crest patch
    • Pack Numerals (red & white)
    • Den Number Strip (Your den leader will tell you which Den number your new scout will be in)
  • Rank Handbook Although not a part of the uniform, each scout will need to purchase a rank handbook for his current rank.

Webelos Class A Uniform

  • Shirt Official Cub Scout long or short sleeve dark blue or khaki shirt.
  • Neckerchief Official Webelos (Blue/Green/Gold/Red plaid).
  • Neckerchief Slides Official Webelos metal slide with emblem or handmade neckerchief slide.
  • Insignia Same as for Cub if wearing the blue shirt, except Den Number on right sleeve is replaced with Patrol Emblem Badge. Webelos Colors are secured at the top of the Patrol Badge, which Merit Badges are placed once earned. Also, progress toward Rank is replaced with Compass Point Emblem (once earned). For Webelos wearing the khaki shirt, everything is the same as for blue shirt except that previous rank badges and arrow points are not worn. Only the Webelos Oval Badge is worn (once earned) on the left pocket. The proper placement of the patches can be found here.
  • Rank Handbook Although not a part of the uniform, each scout will need to purchase a rank handbook for his current rank.
Class B T-shirts

Class B shirts will be purchased by the Pack for each new scout, as well as for any scout that may outgrow his current one.